International conference “Metamorphoses of religion and spirituality” 23 May 2019, Warsaw


are pleased to invite you to an international scientific conference
May 23rd 2019, Warsaw
The conference is under the honorary patronage of

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to take part in the conference, which aims to discuss the social dimensions of religion, religiosity and spirituality and their transformations. This meeting is to be an opportunity to present current results of research in the field of sociology of religion, conducted in research centers in different countries. We hope that it will show the dominant and “niche” areas of exploration of religious phenomena and methods of their analysis. The context of the functioning of modern societies results not only in the transformation of traditional references to the sacrum, but also favors the emergence of new religious and quasi-religious phenomena, described in substantive or functional terms, for instance related, in some countries, to the return of religion to political agendas and accounts. The secularization process is still important, but it also points to desecularization, respiritualisation or new spiritualities as parallel phenomena, opposing or mutually complementary in the socio-religious field.

The traditional theoretical and methodological resource of the sociology of religion has been clearly enriched by the achievements of sociology of spirituality, which, in the opinion of some researchers, acquires subdisciplinary autonomy, introducing the phenomenon of personal search and experiencing the sacrum without the mediation of a religious institution. The multiplicity of analytical categories shows the richness of the dimensions of religious life, the bond with transcendence and individual transgressions, and also allows thinking that the ways of describing them have not been exhausted.

The aim of the conference is to exchange views and experiences in the field of sociology of religion and spirituality, to show the possibilities of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation and to get acquainted with the results of the latest national and international research taking into account the continuity and change in the religious sphere. The added value constitutes the post-conference publication in English, which will be disseminated in an electronic version in available scientific databases. As key speakers, we have invited several eminent scholars (mainly representing foreign centers), whose scientific activity has contributed to the significant development of modern sociology of religion, especially in the area of the issues treated at the conference.

We offer the following program content, corresponding to the thematic groups:
 Religion, religiosity and spirituality in a static and dynamic context;
 Manifestations of religiosity and spirituality as individual constructs;
 Processes of the sacralization of nonreligious phenomena;
 Social origin and functioning of quasi-religious and quasi-spiritual structures;
 Religion and spirituality towards other spheres of social life: politics, economics, work, family, identity, contemporary lifestyles;
 Social contexts of contemporary religious institutions, communities and new religious movements;
 Processes of religious socialization – continuity and change;
 Methodological problems of research on religion, religiosity and new spirituality.

Scientific Council
prof. dr hab. Sławomir H. Zaręba (UKSW)
prof. UKSW dr hab. Maria Sroczyńska
prof. IFIS PAN dr hab. Dorota Hall
prof. AGH dr hab. Stella Grotowska
prof. dr hab. Irena Borowik (UJ)
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wójtowicz (UKSW)
prof. dr hab. Maria Libiszowska-Żółtkowska (UW)
prof. dr hab. Janusz Mariański (KUL)
prof. SGH dr hab. Elżbieta Firlit

Organizing Committee
prof. dr hab. Sławomir H. Zaręba (UKSW)
dr Marcin Zarzecki (UKSW)
dr hab. prof. UKSW Maria Sroczyńska (UKSW)
dr Artur Wysocki (UKSW)
dr Wojciech Klimski (UKSW)
dr Katarzyna Uklańska (UKSW)
dr Marcin Choczyński (UKSW) – Secretary

Organizational information

The conference will take place at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, on 23/05/2019 (Wóycickiego street 1/3, building 23). There will be two conference languages: English and Polish, with simultaneous translation only for the plenary session. We anticipate to organize several parallel thematic sessions in Polish and English.

Abstracts (with a maximum of 300 words) should be submitted by 31/03/2019, with an indication of the thematic group in which the paper should be delivered. Apart from the papers, we also propose a poster session (a discussion on publicly displayed science posters). Fees should be paid by April 30th. Before making payments, by April 15th at the latest, you will be informed about the acceptance of the papers. To apply for the conference you need to fill the application form posted on the conference website (subpage of the Institute of Sociology, UKSW: , and also attached together with the invitation) and send it to the secretary dr Marcin Choczyński to the following address:

Participation involves paying the fee, which will be used for conference materials, catering and co-financing of publication; its amount is given in the application form. The conference program on 23/05/2019 also includes a gala dinner in the center of Warsaw, which will be partially covered by the mentioned conference fee. We will inform you about other organizational issues in separate communications in March.

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